Credence Hamby

A pioneer in WordPress development. I helped shape the way that WordPress theme and plugin backends would be developed for the better part of a decade.

I was the first developer to bring stylization to backend theme and plugin option pages. I was the first developer to create a modular system to make not only development easier across multiple themes and plugins, but also help the end user retain data and settings across theme and plugin changes.

What I Do


WordPress has become a powerhouse for even the most demanding sites. Anything from personal blogs to ecommerce I make a theme or plugin for them all.

Web Development

More of a developer than a designer I have focused solely on bringing peoples websites and business to fruition. Get things done without errors, and coded with future developments in mind to make any updates or additions easy and painless.

Invision Community

The Invision Community line of products can make any forum into a vibrant community. From clubs, to online retail IPB lets you're site do it all. I make custom themes and plugins with the functions you need to make your site stand out.


From programming to hosting I can do everything in house. Daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance or update schedules can be had with options for even more robust services.